CFX®  Rules and Regulations

Members and any person on a trial pass are required to observe and comply with these Regulations and Rules. CFX (the Club) reserves the right to make changes from time to time and these changes shall be posted at the premises and/or on this webpage.

Unstaffed Hours Access Liability Waiver:

In consideration of being allowed to access the gym during unstaffed hours, I acknowledge and agree that:

1. The risk of injury from using the gym, particularly when no staff is on duty, may be significant, including the potential for permanent paralysis and death.

2. It is expressly agreed and understood that security is not provided by the CLUB at any time. MEMBER acknowledges that the CLUB cannot be responsible or liable for MEMBER personal safety. MEMBER ASSUMES any and all responsibility for his/her personal safety. It should also be noted that panic buttons are located on certain walls throughout the gym and labeled conspicuously for use in case of an emergency. Activating these panic buttons will set off a loud, continuous alarm with strobed lights and the local police will be dispatched to arrive on scene.


Our facilities are under 24-hour recorded video surveillance, which may be retained by us for subsequent review, and member access card usage is logged.

Check In Policy:  All members, upon entering the Club, are required to check in with their OpenPath (Avigilon) app or key fob to gain entrance into the Club. Picture ID may be required at staff’s request to verify membership.

Dues:  The obligation to pay dues is not dependent upon the availability of the Club’s facilities or the Member’s usage of the facility. Repair or maintenance may at any time, make it necessary for the Club to restrict the use of its facilities for a temporary period of time. Power outages, weather, or other acts of nature may cause a restricted use of the facilities.

Membership Key Fob:  Membership key fobs may be used to member upon request, and if in stock. If fob is lost, a replacement may be issued for $5.

Medical Analysis:  Member hereby represents and warrants that he or she is physically sound and that he or she has medical approval to proceed with a normal routine of exercise. The Club is relying on the determination of the member and member’s physician as to member’s fitness to use the facilities and equipment of the Club and participation in a physical exercise program. Any member that has not been medically approved by a physician to participate in an exercise program cannot and should not use the Club’s equipment.

Damage to Facility:  Member agrees to pay an extra charge for damages caused by the member arising from any careless use of equipment or dropping weights, etc.

Member’s Right To Cancel:

There are only two (2) acceptable methods of cancelling your membership:

1) Via certified mail.  You can simply mail a letter to your nearest CFX location indicating your desire to cancel your membership.  You should include your full name, phone number, address and your signature in the letter.  We will process your cancellation as soon as we receive your letter.

2) In person at any of our CFX locations.  If you choose to come in person you will be asked to sign a cancellation notice.

CFX Club Policies

You can email us at if you have any inquiry or concern about the rules and regulations of the club.